• Captisium File Handler

Opening any files easily from SharePoint Online

As SharePoint Online continues to grow and become the Intranet focus for a growing number of organizations, so grows the user frustration!

Users want to be able to save all their work to either a Onedrive for Business or SharePoint location, so those files are available from home, on the road or wherever the user happens to be. Alas, it has never really been that simple, unless your entire job focused on just the office suite of files like Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Word documents or Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

More than 300 file extensions, out of the box

That is until now... With the Captisium Universal File Handler, you will be able to open more than 300 file extensions from your SharePoint Online, Onedrive for business or Outlook web application as if they were stored on your local drive, and it doesn't matter where you are.

Imagine opening all your Adobe files, AutoCAD files, even your open office files as simply as clicking on the "Open" item from the Menu Flyout when you select a file, well imagine no longer.

There are two distinct architectures that exist in SharePoint Online today, the "Classic Look" and the "Modern Look", both work a little bit differently. This means that even if you engage a developer to write a custom file handler for your organization, you will most likely need to double your development budget to include both looks.

The New or Modern look styling displays the icon of the file type next to the file name for quick and easy user recognition, and can be opened using the desktop app that is associated with the file extension locally, by clicking Open and selecting "with Captisium" as the application to use.

Automatic saving of your work

Once you open your file using the local application on your desktop or laptop, the Captisium File Handler waits in the background for you to finish your work, save the file and exit the application. As soon as you save your work and exit the application, your work is automatically uploaded to the same place it was opened from, and updates the file with your saved work.

Check-In and Check-Out

If your document library has settings such as check-in or check-out enabled, the Captisium Universal File Handler will check-out your file, and then check-it back in when you have finished with it.


The Captisium Universal File Handler will also work with whatever versioning settings your have configured for each document library.

All of these great features make your SharePoint Online, Onedrive for Business and Outlook web application come to life as if they were part of your daily routine. You can use all the applications that you are already familiar with, and work with them right on your desktop or laptop computer where the apps are installed.

You wont need to worry about downloading the file, making changes and then uploading again, this all happens automatically for you in the background, as if they were stored on your local drive.


The pricing model is simple, there is a minimum charge of $35 per month, for the first 10 users, and then $1.99 per user per month for each additional user.

You can also add more users at any time and reduce the number of users if you don't need as many on a month by month basis.

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