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Measured Success - Save Time Working Online

Every good COO, CIO or Manager knows the value of being able to measure the success of their workers. Saving time by shaving those minutes from a repeated task can add-up to be hundreds if not thousands of hours saved each year. And who doesn't love to save time and money?

Now the business as a collaborative unit and the individual users can see how much time they have saved using the Captisium Universal File Handler to download, open and upload the modified files to SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Teams and Outlook Online.

This is a new enhancement to the existing Captisium Universal File Handler feature set.

How much time and money can be saved?

As an experiment, we worked with a small number of our clients and customers, and looked at the use patterns within each organisation. We quickly discovered that in most cases a number of users would specifically use the Captisium Universal File Handler repeatedly, as they were opening a large number of non-Microsoft Office files. The two main types of files were Adobe Creative Cloud documents like Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop and InDesign, another was the AutoCAD type drawings. Neither surprised us, as our first look was at a Construction company.

As Construction companies go, this one was fairly small considering Full-Time Employees (FTEs) which numbered about 100. We also measured the number of times they would open files for how long and how often.

There are two things that we used as a benchmark when we ran these tests. The first was basically how long the process too, to use the normal SharePoint download, open, and re-upload scenario. An immediate take away from this, was complete user frustration!

Removing the emotion of the frustration from the equation, we crunched some numbers and come to some serious results. As the tests ran for several months, we are going to use the average of the test results.

Construction Company (Monthly Average)

Average users participating: 82 (Min 61 Max 102)

Average Open Time: 44 Minutes per file (Min <10 Seconds Max 16 Hours)

Average File Extensions: 12 (Mainly .ai, .psd, .indd, .cad)

Average Files Opened: 5,441 (Min 5002 Max 6112)

Average Manual Upload Time: 01:14 per file (High User Frustration)

Average Captisium Upload Time: 00:08 per file (No User Frustration)

Time Savings: 01:06 (66 Secs) X 5,441 = 359,106 Seconds Saved

Total Time Saved: 99.75 Hours Each Month (More than 2 work-weeks saved each month, that's a half-time employee for free)

You could be forgiven for thinking, our business wouldn't open 5,441 files each month. We would only open a few each day. Let's say 5 files each day, per staff member. Let's do the math.

Working Days in a Month: Approx 20 X 5 = 100 Files per month, per employee. The test company had an average of 82 FTEs, so that would have been 8,200 files opened. In fact, they only opened 5,441. So less than 5 files per day on average.

You can see now, how simply saving a few moments here and there, will quickly add up to become a huge amount of save time.

Start Saving Time, and Money with Captisium Universal File Handler.